Why I Give Thanks to Four-Legged Friends

One of the aspects I enjoy most about working for Isom Global Strategies is its commitment to give back to the community. Ever since I joined the team in 2011, IGS has remained dedicated to giving back. I remember my first IGS volunteering event like it was yesterday – Towan led the Walk to End Violence Against Women and Girls through northwest Washington, D.C. It was a not a good day for weather. In fact, it was terrible – cold, rainy and windy! But throughout it all, Towan was enthusiastic and motivating, and because of that attitude, so was Team Isom.

Over the years, IGS has supported several causes, including donating to Heart of Haiti, helping the homeless of Washington, D.C., supporting military families, enriching educational programs and mentoring students. Simply put, it’s part of our culture. Without it, IGS would simply be a churning machine, producing our goods and services with no heart and soul.

Growing up, I volunteered for several organizations benefiting the welfare and care of animals. I’m a bona fide animal lover to say the least, having grown up surrounded by dogs, cats, rabbits, turtles, guinea pigs, hamsters and fish. I continued my support in college, volunteering weekly at the local SPCA in Harrisonburg, VA. Once I graduated, however, I became busy with the hustle and bustle of building a career. IGS inspired me to remember the importance of giving back, and rekindled an old passion – my four legged friends.

Last year, I became involved with the Animal Welfare of Arlington, and began the thorough process to become an adoption counselor – finding forever homes for its residents. However, a spontaneous move cross-country cut my journey short. Now residing in Southern California, I am now volunteering with the San Diego County of Animal Services, which tends to thousands of displaced animals per year. While it saddens me to know that so many animals go without a loving home, it’s important to provide them with a weekly dose (if not more) of tender loving care alongside dozens of other committed volunteers like myself. While it may not seem like much, it makes a huge difference to the animals’ daily quality of life. In addition, the activity helps to socialize them to become the best type of companion possible, furthering their chances of becoming adopted. In early 2016, I’d like to provide one of the residents a permanent loving home.

I don’t know what exactly sparked my love for animals, but I do know that being around them completes me. I am thankful that IGS will always continue to support a culture of giving back, and I love knowing that I’m able to make a small difference to these SoCal critters every week. I don’t mind that the animals can’t say the words thank you – I thank them for putting a smile on my face each and every week, and that is priceless. 

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