What It Means To Be a Millennial in 2015

As I try to gather my thoughts on what it truly means to be a Millennial, I can’t help but think that the definition is not black-and-white. As a Millennial myself, I know many different facets define my generation, and condensing us into one generic adjective would be, well, unjustified. We are adventurous, inspirational, optimistic and technology-driven. My first thought is that of my grandparents—their hesitance toward technology and current cultural trends, and I wonder what life may have been like for them and older generations. It’s hard to imagine that print newspapers, and – dare I say it – hand-written letters were the common vehicles to communicate and receive information in the past.

With the emergence of social media, more companies and organizations are beginning to understand the mentality of Millennials. They understand that we want our information to be easily accessible, entertaining, and engaging, while at the same time politically and socially conscientious. Through social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, companies are able to creatively connect and collaborate with their followers whilst developing relationships that otherwise would have been intangible. An underlying trait that Millennials share is a fluency in the art of multi-tasking. We thrive on multiple activities happening at once; social media and online publications are eagerly learning to cater to this temperament. With the growing demand and abundance of social media, marketing trends are predicted to reflect a kinetic movement in 2015. Following in the footsteps of Facebook, Twitter will now be implementing a business advertising model that offers smaller businesses and organizations the option to pay a fee for advertisements. This is particularly beneficial for companies, as it will result in new followers, app installs, and potential new clients.

While this is only my second week here at IGS, I can’t help but have a sense of familiarity as I embark upon my internship. The ideas and values of IGS are the same cultural values that Millennials pride themselves on—innovation, teamwork and a global viewpoint, just to name a few. So the question remains: what does it means to be a Millennial in 2015? Is it checking my iPhone every 10 minutes, always searching for the nearest Wi-Fi location, or constantly being referred to as the Boomerang generation by my parents? The answer is no—and that’s the joy of being a millennial. We’re undefined and dynamic—too resilient to fit into one category.

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