We Are IGS

At the beginning of this year, I smiled. I smiled not only because IGS had accomplished new goals over the previous year and had overcome many obstacles, but because I realized I finally had a team that truly exemplifies the IGS mission – Innovation, Service and Excellence.

A good employee is composed of equal parts hardworking, detail-oriented and versatile. However, to be successful at IGS, good is not enough. You must understand the importance of innovation, service and excellence because these three principles serve as the backbone of our company. You must value new techniques and technologies and have a passion for exceeding expectations. Living by this code of ethics ensures that my team provides stellar client service day in and day out.

Already, 2016 has proven to be a transformational year for IGS. As an organization we have experienced change and extreme growth, but my team has adapted and forged on. In this year alone, we have secured our position in the commercial market and are proud to service several new clients, including Comcast XFINITY, Industrial Bank, and Gotta Go Now. We are always looking for the next challenge and seeking new ways to accomplish goals. With the help of my team, I have defined the IGS brand and built my legacy.

I want to share with you, our advocates and supporters, my greatest asset – my team. All summer long we will be showcasing our talented team, and we are excited for you to get to know more about us! To join the conversation and meet the IGS team, follow #WeAreIGS on social media. We will be sharing our favorite vacation spots, music and movie genres, and our favorite meal of the day. Learn all about our superpowers and what it takes to be a part of IGS’ award-winning team.

We are IGS, and we are unstoppable!

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