The Rise of the Leader Proves Theme of IGS’ 2015 Annual Meeting

February 3, 2015 — Washington, D.C.

Leadership prevailed as the common theme of Isom Global Strategies’ (IGS) Annual Meeting, with c-level suite executives emphasizing the importance of strong leadership among entry, mid, and management-level employees.

The purpose of the IGS Annual Meeting was to reflect on the highlights and challenges of 2014, identify company-wide goals and prepare employees for professional success in 2015. Session topics for the day included “What Makes a Dynamic Leader,” an interview with Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation client Jeanette Casselano and the company’s 2015 strategic goals.

Towan Isom, President and CEO, and Erika Singletary, Executive Vice President and COO, led the day-long event, held January 31 in Washington, D.C. Isom opened the meeting with an inspirational and transparent introduction on the lessons learned in 2014, and a discussion of how 2015 will be a critical launch pad for company growth. Since IGS’ founding in 1996, the company has evolved into a small business powerhouse. The strength of company-wide leadership continues to position IGS for a new and exciting level of competition among the big-name firms of the D.C. contracting space.

“IGS has a reputation for taking authority in a powerful manner so the client feels like they don’t have to,” said Isom. “It’s this standard practice that has set IGS apart from large firms.”

Maintaining and developing strong leadership has proven IGS’ success over the past nine years. The Annual Meeting also allowed the team to understand and appreciate its many layers. Leadership is not just leading a client account or program, but is rooted in a strong support team of designers, writers and strategists.

“Some people think being a number two is not critical,” said Isom. “A strong number two is the backbone of the contract. Number ones cannot operate without strong leaders behind them.”

The event was held 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. at Loews Madison Hotel, and also featured numerous opportunities for team members to engage with social media. Throughout the day, the IGS creative team captured one-on-one interviews with employees, asking them to  share professional goals for 2015, in addition to their favorite aspects of 2014. Video and social media material will be shared on the company Facebook and Twitter platforms.

“We want to share our company culture with our audience, and introduce the faces behind the names of our busy, but extremely talented, team at IGS,” said Ashley Siegle, IGS Account Supervisor. “It was a fun way for employees to take photos and have some fun throughout the day.” 

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Isom Global Strategies is based in downtown Washington, D.C. Founded in 1996 to pioneer innovative and excellent full-service marketing, IGS' core focus areas include program management, conference planning, strategic communications and management consulting. IGS has a proven track record of providing excellent customer service, stellar management strategies and cutting-edge campaigns for government and commercial clients.

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