Reflections: The Long-term Value of Being an Intern

Most people have never heard of Frank Zappa before, but for those who have, they’ve probably heard this quote at least once:

“A mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work if it is not open.”

Looking back on my internship with IGS, I am now a firm believer in the message within this quote. With grooming and experience, the mind is a powerful thing. But without those things, the mind’s potential is limited and so is an individual’s success in landing a job.

When I first entered college, all I could think about was how to get a job. Day in and day out, one of my primary thoughts was, “I have to write down everything I do in class on my resume. That will definitely get me a job!”

What’s worse is that I believed this for three straight semesters. However, after two more semesters, I realized the error of my philosophy.

School is great; you should never stop learning because the world never stops presenting opportunities for growth. However, it’s your experience that a potential employer looks for and values. Now, after interning with IGS, I understand the value of an internship and I understand why employers look for internship experience on a resume when recruiting new employees

Here’s what IGS has taught me about what an internship can give you and how the experience improves your work capability:

  1. Internships give you exposure: No amount of words could describe the knowledge and experience that I’ve gained interning with IGS. IGS has groomed me and helped me reach my full potential in all aspects of the PR world. Now, when I apply for a job, employers will see that I know what I’m doing because I’ve done it before. Employers will see that I’ve been groomed and trained to make their company a success.
  2. Internships make you think: While interning at IGS, I was treated like an employee, not “free labor.” Thus, I had responsibilities and I was held accountable for my actions. It seemed scary at the time, but I ultimately view this as a wonderful thing because it taught me how to think. Through my internship, I’ve learned the art of making wise decisions that will benefit me and any company I work for in the future.
  3. Internships push you: Ever since I was little, I’ve enjoyed a challenge. However, IGS gave me challenges beyond anything I’ve ever done before. This, in turn, pushed me to find solutions and made me realize that if I put enough work and effort into a task, I can produce results beyond what I wanted to achieve. And from my setbacks I acquired a new work-driven mindset that welcomes challenges in all shapes and sizes.

Now, while at the conclusion of my internship with IGS, I can definitely say that my mind is an open parachute. I don’t have to worry about not being valuable to a team or being unable to get a job done, because IGS taught me how to execute any task. IGS has given me firsthand experience that has pushed me ahead of the competition. 

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