Lessons Learned

If a man who cannot count finds a four-leaf clover, is he still considered lucky? Often, when an opportunity presents itself, it goes unnoticed or ignored due to the inability to fully realize its worth and potential. I have always been taught to grab every opportunity that relates to my education, so when I was afforded the opportunity to intern at IGS, I knew that the experience was mine to make and mine alone. I found my four-leaf clover in my internship and luckily for me, I understood its importance in furthering my professional development.

My internship here at IGS was one that every college student dreams of. I was treated as a fellow team member, an asset to the company – rather than looked on as “free work.” Unlike the horror stories I’ve been told by my peers about their internship experiences, I was immediately immersed into an environment filled with collaborative, team-oriented and inspirational professionals. At all levels of leadership, a noticeable amount of respect was shown for all members and for their contributions toward the company’s overall success.  

In such an ideal setting for learning, it came as no surprise to me that in my 4 months there, I was given valuable lessons that couldn’t have been taught in the traditional setting of the classroom. Through bouncing ideas off team members in the spirit of collaboration, I learned the importance of teamwork. Taking the time to prioritize and efficiently plan tasks and projects taught me the necessity of time management. Perhaps the most important lesson I was able to take away from my experience was appreciating the lost art form of “managing up.” At IGS, we pride ourselves in our ability to lead others while taking on the responsibly of holding ourselves accountable in our own work. Incorporating this attitude of managing up has allowed me to not only take initiative in the experience of my internship but also be a decision maker and leader in my day-to-day actions.

I consider all internship programs to be four-leaf clovers in their own right; they provide individuals with opportunities to experience leadership, mentorship and, sometimes, if one is lucky, new friendships. Moral of the story: take every opportunity as a learning experience, regardless of the outcome. You might just end up lucky!

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