Isom Global Strategies Reaches New Heights at Annual Meeting

February 10, 2016 — Washington, D.C. President and CEO declares team ‘unstoppable’ in 2016

Isom Global Strategies (IGS) set new goals fostering brand expansion in 2016 at the 4th Annual Meeting, January 29. Hosted at Loews Madison Hotel, President and CEO Towan Isom, declared the year’s theme as “unstoppable,” referring to the team’s rapid and continual growth in the federal and commercial markets.

Hot topics of discussion included commercial expansion, social responsibility, mentoring other small business owners, expanding Towan Isom’s personal brand, and streamlining internal goals across the company, regardless of where employees are based or what type of work they perform.

“We have employees all over the country performing award-winning work for a number of diverse clients,” said Isom. “Although team members support growth in unique and wide-ranging capacities, we must continue to ensure we are strategically focused on adopting and working toward the same goal as a team.”

The meeting included an awards portion that recognized employees who showcased stellar performance in 2015. This year’s recipients included Ramin Khalili, communications manager, who received the 2015 Excellence Award, and Taren Henry, account coordinator, who received the 2015 Service Award. 

Continued expansion into the commercial and military markets, as well as furthering specialized professional development, were two major topics discussed at the full-day meeting. The largest area of growth IGS expects to see is offering consulting services on managing millennials.

“Millennial outreach is going to be pivotal in 2016 for IGS when it comes to expanding our brand and capabilities,” Isom continued. “Millennials continue to be game-changers in the workplace, and fusing cultures between them and previous generations (Generation X and Baby Boomers, specifically) is a fact of life among businesses, big and small.”

In the first quarter, IGS will launch Managing Millennials, directed toward providing tips and strategies to managers of millennials, ages 18 to 28. IGS will also launch Periscope and Blab this March, covering millennial hot topics.

“2016 marks my one year anniversary at IGS and as a Millennial I can say that my growth as a professional is attributed to the commitment and dedication that Towan puts forth in developing our junior staff,” said Alexandria Crenshaw, an Associate with IGS. “Serving not only as our CEO, she is our mentor, our advocate, and our inspiration, continually motivating our staff to reach success in both our professional and personal lives. She gets us – and for that I am thankful.”

IGS is continuing to fine-tune this sphere of expertise, which will span social media, speaking opportunities and large-scale events.

The winner of the IGS Gives Thanks survey was also announced during the meeting. In April 2016, the IGS team will run a 5K in support of Bright Beginnings, an organization that helps provide educational and health services free of charge to homeless youth and their families. The 5K served as a kickoff into a larger social responsibility initiative in 2016. IGS will also host two events supporting Dress for Success and Martha’s Table, in addition to providing financial contributions to veterans, Mustaches for Kids DC and the Wayne Foundation.

“All of these organizations support causes that reflect the many interests of our team,” said Ashley Siegle, an account supervisor with IGS. “We started the IGS Gives Thanks initiative in 2015 as part of a holiday pledge, and we want to continue the commitment year-round, not just during special occasions.” Towan herself comes from humble beginnings, insisting IGS partake in corporate responsibility to help others.

As part of the annual meeting, the team engaged in team-building activities throughout the day to keep the program lively and interactive.

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