We Are IGS At the beginning of this year, I smiled. I smiled not only because IGS had accomplished new goals over the previous year and had overcome many obstacles, but because I realized … Read More
Workplace Feedback: Criticism, Complaints, and the … The term feedback gets a pretty bad rap. I'd imagine whoever invented the word feedback probably had pretty lofty expectations as to where it might go and what it might do one … Read More
Exceeding Expectations Expectations — ah, that golden mean between hope and reality. As a new intern, I recently became very familiar with that term as I wondered what to expect during my first … Read More
Why I Give Thanks to Four-Legged … One of the aspects I enjoy most about working for Isom Global Strategies is its commitment to give back to the community. Ever since I joined the team in 2011, IGS … Read More
IGS Gives Thanks into 2016 To continue our IGS Gives Thanks initiative into 2016, Isom Global Strategies is highlighting the many ways our team is supporting local communities. Providing innovation, service and excellence to clients is our mission, … Read More
IGS Gives Thanks At the risk of committing a “humblebrag,” I don’t think charity work has to be a big deal. That’s not to say it’s unimportant, but rather that it can often take … Read More
Vendor Voyage As an event planning, marketing, public relations and web/graphic design firm, we work with a variety of vendors located across the country. We have worked with vendors from audiovisual and ad … Read More
My IGS Experience – As Told … During the past two months I’ve spent interning at IGS, I’ve learned valuable lessons that will aid in the success of my future public relations endeavors. Up to this point, most of … Read More
How I Learned to Stop Worrying … Professional development. Pretty boring topic, right? Wrong. Professional development is, in so many ways, the key to making more money, the key to finding a better job, and, most importantly here, the key … Read More
Reflections: The Long-term Value of Being … Most people have never heard of Frank Zappa before, but for those who have, they’ve probably heard this quote at least once: “A mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work if … Read More
Workplace Etiquette and the Modern Millennial: … Back when I was in college, the New York Stock Exchange held its first “Casual Friday” event, meaning those trading stocks and commodities along Wall Street got to dress down for … Read More
How to Win Clients and Influence … Setting yourself apart from your competition is important. And you know that one way to help differentiate your company is to consistently deliver on your promise of value. But what if … Read More
Meet Social Media’s New Darling – … Summer in D.C. equates to great weather and great food — a winning combination by most standards. Here in the District, one of the great incentives about working in the city … Read More
Work-Life Balance – Walking the Tight … Let’s face it ― at times life can feel like a circus with you, the ringleader, struggling to tame your never-ending list of responsibilities involving assignments, projects, team meetings and deadlines. … Read More
Email Etiquette – Keep It Short … Living in a world dominated by short, quick, and coded messaging; it’s hard to refrain from speaking in colloquialisms and acronyms. And although such forms of writing have become common staples in … Read More
College Graduates and the Workforce Just last week, the president and CEO of Isom Global Strategies (IGS), Towan Isom, attended the graduation ceremony of one of our newest associates, Alexandria. Seeing photos Towan shared with the … Read More
Conference Pre-Planning Musts: How to Start … Planning a conference can feel overwhelming at times. After all, a planner has to consider many different aspects. No matter if it’s a small conference of 50 people or a large … Read More
Lessons Learned If a man who cannot count finds a four-leaf clover, is he still considered lucky? Often, when an opportunity presents itself, it goes unnoticed or ignored due to the inability to … Read More
Is the Millennial Label Fair for … I am considered a millennial by demographic definition. But, I have to admit, I hate the word and the context it’s used in. While millennial is just a category, like baby boomer … Read More
IGS Shares the Love: Bridging the … All too many times I hear millennials being labeled as entitled, arrogant and, in rare cases, overzealous (is that a bad thing?). I like to think the default persona that people … Read More
Mingling with D.C.‘s Movers and Shakers Another day, another victory for Isom Global Strategies (IGS). On January 28, 2015, the IGS team was invited to take part in the 2015 Program Support Center Small Business Exhibition; an … Read More
Public Relations – Both Sides Now I suppose the transition from one profession to another will always be a difficult one, but I can't think of any professional journey more jarring than the one I'm currently experiencing. … Read More
Client Immersion: What I Learned Working … Eight years ago, I entered college with a clear vision of my future – a career in marketing and public relations, working in an agency setting (preferably in a bustling metropolis), … Read More
What It Means To Be a … As I try to gather my thoughts on what it truly means to be a Millennial, I can’t help but think that the definition is not black-and-white. As a Millennial myself, … Read More
A Transformational Year for IGS – … I intentionally started 2014 with the knowledge that we would change 40% of our staff. However, I was unsure how to do it without sacrificing the morale of the entire company. I … Read More
Why Working for a Small Business … As I am writing this blog, I have a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that my internship at Isom Global Strategies is over. It was a summer filled … Read More
Customer Service: The Root of All … Customer Service. It’s a word we all know well and unfortunately, now a days has a bit of a negative connotation. I work in the meeting industry and I’ve seen customer … Read More
How To Train for a Marathon Producing events and conferences for our clients is both fun and rewarding but not without its stresses. Besides the obvious deadlines, budgets, curveballs there are less popular challenges to overcome like … Read More
How To Be a Successful Public … If you’re like me, you are getting ready to graduate college and join the professional realm (or, big girl world, as I like to call it) and, in all honesty, it’s … Read More
How to Maximize an Internship With a plethora of online job boards that sift through pools of online applications and resumes looking for keywords to determine if applicants are qualified for job postings or not, the … Read More
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