IGS Gives Thanks into 2016

To continue our IGS Gives Thanks initiative into 2016, Isom Global Strategies is highlighting the many ways our team is supporting local communities. Providing innovation, service and excellence to clients is our mission, but giving back is our responsibility.

IGS is proud to be part of a city filled with organizations and advocacy groups that work tirelessly to support causes of every scope. All of us can identify with one cause (or more) that speaks to our own interests and personal experiences. Giving back shouldn’t be a seasonal obligation, but should be practiced year-round.

In an effort to continue IGS Gives Thanks, our team is committing 3.10 miles of support in spring 2016. We’ve identified five races that each support a unique cause, and we’re asking our friends and followers to participate!

Don’t worry — we’re not asking you to run with us, but to help us choose how to expend our mileage: ending poverty, supporting veterans, mentoring youth? All causes are important, and we wish we could run 279 miles to support all of them — but our offices may start to feel a bit neglected.

Here’s how you can help. Please take our one-question survey, below. We’ll tally the responses and announce the cause that receives the most votes.

Thank you for your ongoing support. Remember to give thanks all year round. No act is too small!

Happy New Year,
Isom Global Strategies

Please click here to take the quick survey! 

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