Army National Guard Taps Isom Global Strategies for Diversity Outreach Efforts

April 19, 2011 — Washington, D.C.

On April 5, 2011, the Army National Guard tapped Isom Global Strategies (IGS), formerly Isom Events, to assist with its diversity recruitment and retention goals. IGS has long been considered one of the most influential communications firms for developing outreach initiatives for special populations.

Under this contract, IGS is responsible for overseeing outreach to organizations like the National Council of LaRaza, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Federal Asian Pacific American Council, Society of American Indian Government Employees, and others to assist the Army National Guard in recruiting talent that emulates the country’s demographics.

"I liked the way Isom presented themselves,” said First Lt. Tommy Elkins. “After meeting the Isom team, I decided to move forward."

“The work we do will bring in fresh, dedicated, and talented soldiers and diverse talent,” states IGS President and CEO Towan Isom. “For more than 15 years, Isom has subcontracted for larger communications firms, but now it’s our turn to be at the helm! We have an incredible team with fresh ideas. We’ve been around a long time; our clients love us and look for ways to use us. It’s a true testament to your service and innovation when your clients look for ways to keep you on. Our efforts help our clients create better campaigns to reach special populations.”

What’s next for IGS? Towan Isom says the company continues to focus on developing smarter campaigns with measureable results in the education, energy, and healthcare industries by using traditional promotional tactics and social media, including video and live streaming to promote awareness. “Social media allows us to measure our success and audience engagement more easily than traditional marketing vehicles,” she explains.

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Isom Global Strategies is based in downtown Washington, D.C. Founded in 1996 to pioneer innovative and excellent full-service marketing, IGS' core focus areas include program management, conference planning, strategic communications and management consulting. IGS has a proven track record of providing excellent customer service, stellar management strategies and cutting-edge campaigns for government and commercial clients.

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